“If finding and buying a piano is like love and marriage, then this tuning is Marc’s wedding present to my piano and me, a unique creation for us so that we can live a long and happy life together.”


Perri Knize: Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey New York Times Bestseller

The elusive search for beauty is sometimes found in simple acts; in things that are often overlooked.

Piano tuning is such an example. It is easy to belittle its impact if we treat it as a humdrum act of instrument maintenance.

But it is so much more. Under the right hands, it is an art.

“Moonlight shimmering on the water” is how Marc Wienert’s style of tuning has been described. It is a sound that cannot be forgotten and so life-changing that it became the subject of a New York Times bestselling book.

What is Marc’s secret?

It is his love.

He treats every piano, from grandma’s humble spinet to a majestic Steinway concert grand with the same awe and desire for unveiling its unique personality.

His goal is to tune each piano to its ideal state, where it can release its ultimate beauty.

How does tuning work?

At its core, it is a journey and a quest for alignment. Finding the ideal tonal path for each piano leads to transcendence as each note of the keyboard finds its dream home along the strings, freeing it to vibrate in luminous resonance.

This brings vibrational coherence to your music and to your life.

Experience the powerful effects that a tuning could bring. It is the fastest way to make an ordinary instrument sound extraordinary and will enrich your musical life and beyond in astounding ways.

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